One of the best of my life

Brianna Griesinger, USA Photojournalism August, 2014   My time living in the Internship Nepal Home was one of the best of my life. I worked with Internship Nepal coordinators to help me adjust with my photojournalism internship at the Kathmandu Post. Read more

Very positive experience

Katherine Primeau, USA Photojournalism July-August, 2014   My overall experience with the photojournalism program was very positive. Ram, the supervisor, was very helpful when it came to developing our individual projects. Read more

Teaching experience with monk

Nicholas Bloechl Boston college, USA Teaching at Monastery June 2014   Lovely Home (It is WiFi user name at home) was a nice quiet place to stay while my sister and I worked in the city. Read more

I learned a lot

Daniel Badhwa, USA Photojournalism University of Minnesota   I really enjoyed my time here and I would definitely do it again if I had the opportunity. Read more

A place like no other

Juliana Machado Forero, Colombia London School of Economics and Political Science    Nepal has been a baffling place to me. It has been exhilarating and frustrating; it has been just as amazing as it has been confusing. Read more

The paradox of learning

Camille Dion, Canada Human Rights Research University of Montreal    I grew up unconsciously thinking that learning was only possible through hard work, productivity, and full commitment to the work in progress or studies in question. Read more

It was a pleasure to meet you all

‎Julia Naldal, Denmark Photojournalism February-March, 2014   I arrived to Kathmandu the 8 of February. The first week I stayed in Arjuns house, where I was learning Nepali language and everything about the culture. Read more

A different experience

Gaëlle Perica  France Journalism    During my internship, I was in kirat festival, I visited a shaman who lives in Kathmandu. I have done some interviews, take photo in human rights manifestation. Read more

A great Opportunity

Gregory Elgee United States of America Photojournalism   My name is Gregor! I am a 25 year old aspiring photojournalist! I discovered Internship Nepal through Google while I was teaching English in China. Read more

My advice as experienced photojournalist

Cyril Groue, France August-September, 2013   Namaste! My name is Cyril, I am a 31 years old French guy. I stayed in Nepal for 2 month (August and September 2013) to follow the photojournalism internship. Read more

I never forget

Josep Prat, Catalonia Photojournalism August, 2013   I’ve been in Nepal for one month. I’ve never travelled alone. I was aware about what I was going to do, unless I planned it really fast. Read more

My experience and advice

Duparchy Bastien France  Journalism program July-September, 2013   Hi everybody ! I'm Duparchy Bastien  and I was in Nepal during two month and a half for the journalism internship. Read more