A four week Photojournalism

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Matthew Jones
Journalist/Photojournalist Intern
United Kingdom


 Nestled in the unique neighbourhood of Bishalnagal, Nardev's family home provides a warm welcome for all internship participants.

During my four-week stay I was under the tutelage of Ram, an experienced journalist/photojournalist. Working in a flexible and helpful manner, Ram was able to provide me with essential photography tips and contacts for me to send potential articles to. He also arranged weekly meetings with other fellow journalism interns where we would showcase photos we'd taken over the previous week. In addition to this, we were provided with an insightful presentation given by a photojournalist whose shots have graced the front pages of major international newspapers, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

 Regarding the house and family, there is unequivocally no other host family who will treat you with more generosity, warmth and friendliness; I've spent hours perched on the top-floor balcony chatting the cool evenings away, while the sun dramatically slips behind a silhouetted line of mountains that encircle Kathmandu.

 I was able to achieve a feat I'm very proud of; a prominent, full-page feature article published in one of the major daily newspapers in Nepal (The Kathmandu Post), composed entirely of photos and writing produced by myself. This article was also published online and shared hundreds of times.

 Much like the host family, the people of Nepal are some of the most accommodating I've had the fortune of meeting during my extensive travels. The city of Kathmandu is packed with a rich atmosphere of history, hope and optimism, and makes for a truly livable place.

 If you like meeting people of differing cultures, exploring new places and having a creative control over the direction and production of your work, then I would highly recommend Internship Nepal.

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