Sports and Entertainment

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Sports, recreation and entertainment are some of the most important elements of an active human life. We, at Internship Nepal are actually focused on providing students with more recreation and fun.


Since students will be working all six hectic working days, the weekends ought to be refreshing. For that, on Fridays we conduct documentary screening on our hall. The documentaries are based on true stories mostly about rural events and struggles. On the same day we hold photo presentation where students present the most unique photos they took that week, along with some description of them.


Similarly, we organize futsal game amongst ourselves frequently in indoor grounds near our homestay. We concentrate on making sports innovative and fun, rather than a competition. Also, we arrange barbeque party on some weekends on mutual agreement. These parties are specially held during anyone’s birthday, or a farewell, on festivals and so on.


Dinner at the famous tourist destination Thamel is also a frequent event here. Interns can themselves hangout at city restros and bars at night.