I improved my writing

Ludovic Caritey, France Journalism/writing February, 2013   I spent three weeks with internship Nepal, it was very good experience. It gave my new perspective on journalism in a country abroad. Read more

I learnt real Photography

Miroslava Smetankova Slovakia January, 2013   Before I came here, I was using my camera automatic function. After joining Internship Nepal, my program supervisor taught me how to set camera, how to use manual function. Read more

It was excellent in sharing knowledge

 Donald Ritter, USA Photography Internship October-November, 2012   My experience with Internship Nepal was truly an incredible experience. I can honestly say, it was clearly one of the Best and Most Rewarding experiences of my entire life! My entire stay was always fascinating, fun, interesting from the moment I arrived until the moment I returned to the United States. Read more

It is the most rewarding experience

Laura Picard, Canada Photojournalism Internship August, 2012   Two month since I left Nepal and I still can't stop talking about it all around me. Read more

Best experience ever

Stephane Chevreul   France Photojournalism August, 2012   When I arrived in Kathmandu,I have to say that I didn’t really know how it’s gonna be. Read more

An amazing opportunity

 Aziza, Lamyaa, Taaliba  Oman, Photojournalism  July, 2012   We had many experience about photography in Oman while we were in college, even outside college in social areas. Read more

I love Nepal

John Fredricks , USA  Photojournalism Project June-July, 2012   Nepal, I love you. You are forever in my prayers. Thank you for allowing me to take your pictures. Read more

There are so many positive things

Ayako Watanabe Japan, Photo Project June, 2012   Among all of the dust and honking of Kathmandu there are so many positive things that will stick with me forever. Read more

It was rare opportunities

Marla Peterson, USA Photojournalism Project June, 20012   I know that what I got to experience within only 2 weeks is very rare and lucky, especially in another country. Read more

I discovered new Nepal

Keela Sweeney USA Photography Program 21 May-4 June, 2012   My first week in Nepal was more than I could have imagined. By deciding to volunteer as a photojournalist, I was able to experience various events. Read more

Being a volunteer

Katherine Provos, Canada Photojournalism Project May-June, 2012   There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment, when you know you are improving someone’s life through your actions. Read more

An apprehensive experience turns to Gold

 Kirsty Threadgold New Zealand  March-April, 2012   It all started back in January 2012 when I was presented the opportunity to spend three and a half weeks with my dad here in Nepal. Read more