I will always be thankful

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Camila Sáenz, Guatemala


 It took me only 3 weeks to fell in love with Nepal, their people and the landscapes. I had no idea that an experience like the one I had was about to come.
 I applied to the program thinking about getting a nice diploma and having something new in my CV, but I got so much more besides that. Nepal thought me that it is possible to make a new friend in less than a week, that it is possible to fit 7 people in a taxi that is made for 4, also to bargain a 5,000 rupees backpack and buy it for 1000 rupees. But in Nepal a learned that a smile is a lot more important than the word “thank you”.
 I didn’t only learn about photography, journalism and Nepali culture, but I also learned things that will help me live happier. I would recommend anyone that has the opportunity to experience something like this to do it without thinking about it twice. Now I know how important it is to get to know a different world, to completely immerse in a culture different than yours and always to find a way to be far from your comfort zone.
I will miss Nepal, the greatness of the people I met, the most sincere smiles I’ve seen, the food, the power cuts…. Everything everyday. I will always be thankful for the unforgettable time I spent here.

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