I really appreciate to this opportunity

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Susu D'amour, South Korea
Photojournalism Program


It has been quite a long journey for me to end up this an year trip around southeast-Asia, I still was struggling of the status of my mind and most importantly for becoming the settled photographer to find an aim to start project with. I end up my journey from here by being part of Internship Nepal. By being participating the group of international students, sharing the aspects of our thoughts and discovering actually what is happening in this world (especially in Nepal where we are staying in Kathmandu) makes me more focus on the fact and interesting ideas of different cultures, having priceless information from the master Ram, who lead all of us to be closer to the atmosphere we are around.

 Moreover, personally I am very much into knowing and sharing of philosophic discover from every part of our lives, this internship gave me the answer of who I am so that I was finally be able to talk about my ideas which were messed up. 

 Indeed, the family I was staying is amazing warm and they taught me what is real love.

My photo project in Nepal hasn’t been finished yet in terms of my duration of staying here but I will improve myself for coming back and accomplish my aim in all of loves and thoughts. And the facts.

I really appreciate to this opportunity to give myself a time to be more analyzed and evaluated person.

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