Articles Written by Interns on National Media

Here are some of the glimpses of the articles published on National newspapers and online media written by international interns under detailed supervision of Internship Nepal during their internship period. Read more

Research and Reports Prepared by Interns

Want some references for the research topic or content? Have a look on these research reports prepared by our interns for their thesis project. The reports were prepared under direct supervision of IN. Read more

A Post Calamitous Field Trip study On the Langtang Roads

                 Report By: Rajat Acharya   Elisa Ritter is an avid passionate in Independent Journalism and Photojournalism from France. Read more

The Forgotten Era

Freja Sonnischen is a 19 year old Danish student and a rave aspiring photojournalist. She flew in all the way from America to discover the mysteries in archaeological and anthropological wonders that Nepal is so rich in. Read more

In Nepal They Say Namaste

Vera Emla Vacek is a photography enthusiast from Switzerland. Born in a land of beautiful majesty herself, she has documented a wonderful collection of unique photographs and videos capturing Nepalese lifestyle, scenic beauty and more. Read more

Urban Porters in Kathmandu

Sean Carmichael is a student of Journalism and Photojournalism in Macewan University, Canada. He previously saw his work published in the Setopati, that illustrated the daily life of Traffic Police in Kathmandu. Read more

A Story on duties of Traffic Police in Kathmandu

Sean Carmichael is a student of Journalism and Photojournalism in Macewan University, Canada. During his 7 weeks long internship, he did numerous photo stories. Read more

A Report on the Study of Extensive Rice Plantation

Felix Verhagen, comes from Denmark. He pursued Human Rights and Journalism Internship, working for Janta Media during his stay. On his trip to Pharping with fellow students, he discovered some extensive rice plantation techniques in Nepal. Read more

A Photo Story about Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital by Monique

A Photo Story about Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Click here Read more

Documentary on Daily Life of Orphans in a Orphanage

Life  in an orphanage is very busy in Kathmandu. Children at the home begin their work from 6 in the morning and they have time to go bed at 9 :30 at night. Read more

Good Morning Kathmandu

Just opposite then other metro city, Kathmanduties sleep early in the night but wake up early in the morning. Cleaning street , doing Yoga, jugging  in open space, selling vegitable and news paper are major activities that can be seen in the morning. Read more

Beautiful Nepal

Nepali people are facing lots of challanges in their daily life but you can see every one cheerful and always ready to help other. Our Intern from the Netherlands, Lin tried to capture the happiness seen in their faces specially in the children in her project ‘Beautiful Nepal’. Read more