I feel so lucky

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Arnal Silvia, France
Photojournalsim Internship


At the beginning, I got basics course which was so helpful for me and then I started to shoot in manual settings. Everything I learnt here has made me improve my photography skills even if I still need to practice and learn it! It was really interesting and pleasant to join the journalists’ team during the main events in Kathmandu and I feel so lucky to get those opportunities!

Even if I was not practicing with Ram every day, I was following a fellow intern (who was a photographer) I became close friend with, and it was so interesting to see her taking pictures for her assignments for The Himalayan Times newspaper! I got important advices from her, Ram and the journalists I met. Thanks to all of them! 

For sure I will be doing another internship in photojournalism as soon as possible. It’s so important staying in a friendly family when you are working in a foreign country and here everyone is so helpful from morning to evening and they all will do their best to make you happy and comfortable at work and at home. Whatever your project is, they’ll find you related contacts and advice you the way to do it. 

My internship in Nepal made me want to focus and keep learning photography to become a Travel Photographer and Reporter (When I achieve all the necessary skills of course) one day! Thanks a lot for that.

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