Nursing Internship

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Program: Nursing Internship

Enrollment: Round the year
Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

Who can apply?

Students of Nursing and Midwifery, Health Care and related health subjects are eligible to apply 

Internship Nepal is an internship placement organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal that offers students the opportunities of nursing internship placements with some of the most prominent hospitals in Kathmandu. Some services of Internship of Nepal on offer are: 

We arrange the best possible internship placement with a hospital as per the students’ subject of interest and desired department. 

Individual guidance, constant supervision throughout the program and effective evaluation at the end. 

We provide accommodation and meals in our own home at the most affordable cost. Hospitals are at walking distance from home. 

Students shall be engaged in:

While our dynamic and widely regarded internship programs has a lot more on offer than that can be illustrated on paper, following modalities will be implemented for the students in the hospitals for the internships program: 

Assisting doctors during treatments and surgeries at the hospital. 

Organizing and leading lectures, workshops and on the job training for staff and students at the hospital. Interaction/counseling/health education.

Checking B.P and looking for any vital signs/symptoms.

Taking history records of assigned patients.


Going on ward rounds with the professor, and attending discussion sessions with seniors about the patients’ conditions.

Observing and in some case working with existing staff to treat patients in order to gain an understanding of medical practices in Nepal.

Taking part in outreach programs.

Visiting other organizations in the local community, such as a children’s home or a home for the elderly, where you may provide health check-ups and offer companionship.

Conducting (free) health camps and seminars in rural and health-care deprived areas.