My photojournalism experience

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Zhoe Zhang, China


I have spent 3 weeks at the beginning of this year to join the photojournalist project in Internship Nepal. This is really a cool and impressive experience.

At first, I was really worried that I know nothing about the photojournalism or Nepal. However, tutor Ram was very helpful. He gave me the orientation class and basic photo-taking techniques class at the first week. He also showed me many good places as well history and culture stuff. All his help made me fit into the life and project quickly. On the other hand, the family who took care of me were also super nice, which made me feel real like home. The food is the best!

For the next two weeks, I just tried to explore as much as I can. Ram took us to some festivals and hiking where I could experience the true local life. We also visited the village which was destroyed by the earthquake, which inspired me about my project. I decided to write articles about the life in the earthquake camps. Since I was new in the photo journalist area. Ram helped me about my photos, my perspective of the articles and other professional parts. It is so cool to experience how to work as a photojournalist.

I appreciated this internship experience very much. First, I start to learn about photo journalist. Second, I experience the culture and true life in Nepal, which amazed me. Most importantly, I met so many talent people and made a lot of friends from all over the world. Wish I could back to Nepal once again sometime!


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