Medical Electives

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Program: Medical Electives
Enrollment: Round the year

Who can apply?

Students, including doctors of Medicine and all the related fields are eligible to apply

Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

Internship Nepal offers substantial medical electives opportunities for the students of Medicine.

The major objective of Medical Electives in Nepal program is to essentially help students envision the approach in working environment and workflow Nepal has, in contrast to the western countries. This medical experience in Nepal prepares students for tougher cases as they move forward in their career shaping campaign.

The program, aimed at providing opportunities for medical, nursing and other healthcare students for electives in Nepal, places students in some of the most prominent hospitals in Kathmandu. Internship Nepal’s medical elective program can be tailored to the requirements of respective students applying for the elective in a variety of departments.

Students participating in our medical elective program will be engaged in working with, assisting and learning from local doctors and other health professionals. Depending on the desired field of interest in medicine and healthcare, students will be assisting in surgeries as a part of medical team. Also, they’ll be involved in diagnosing and determining the optimal course of care for both in and out-patients in the setting of their respective hospitals and local community.

The specialties for the elective placement available are:

1. Internal Medicine 2. General Surgery 3. Orthopedics 4. Gynae/Obst. 5. Ophthalmology 6. ENT 7. Dermatology 8. Psychiatry & Mental Health 9. Clinical Pharmacology 10. Dental Surgery 11. Anesthesiology 12. Radiology 13. Forensic Medicine 14. Pathology 15. Biochemistry 16. Microbiology 17. Emergency Medicine & General Practice 18. Pediatrics 19. Cardiology 20. Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Surgery 21. Pharmacy 22. Community Medicine & Public Health 23. Neurology 24. Gastroenterology 25. Physiology 26. Anatomy

The hospitals where placements avialble are:

1. Tribhuvan University teaching hospital, Kathmandu

2. Kanti Children's Hospital, Kathmandu

3. Kathmandu Model Hospital,Kathmandu

4. Green City Hospital, Kathmandu


We offer more programs:

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2. Dental electives