Law Internship

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Program: Law Internship

Enrollment: Throughout the year

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

Undoubtedly one of the most unique countries in the world geographically, culturally and socio-economically, Nepal boasts a proud prehistoric civilization. Pristinely renowned for the diverse culture, ethnicity and linguistic variances, it has established itself as a prominent prospect of tourism and social research. Internship Nepal brings you this opportunity  to help reach your career goal marked by integrity, excellence and leadership. Interns get to participate in the seminars and interactive discussion on the topics including public affair, Human Rights.  Interns emerge with a professional network, enduring friendships, and a foundation of knowledge that will serve them throughout their careers.  This internship is  to develop a vision within law students, and to equip them for positions of leadership throughout the legal profession. The foundation they build at Internship Nepal, together with the personal,  professional and cultural diversity  they forge, will strengthen, encourage, and support them for a lifetime.

Duties and Responsibilities

Observe and learn about the clients, time management and research.

Exploring cultural issues and  challenge prevalent relativistic and positivist legal thinking.

Assist and work in the Law firms.

Assist and work in various organization and companies.

Volunteer as a legal  advisor.

Attend different seminars and conferences. 

Engage on preparing  reports or papers on social issues.

Assist drafting  court pleadings and papers.


Internship Nepal offers a professional working and a peaceful living environment with perpetual internet service. We arrange visit to libraries or any other probable institutions where students can collect relevant information for their report and project during their stay in Nepal.

We organize the frequent court and Tribunal visit for the students. We assist students to arrange meetings and interview opportunities with experts, political personalities or general people related to the subject on students’ demand. Students can survey, interview, or even hold group discussions.


 Students of  Law, Social Sciences, International relation, Jurisprudence can  apply. Alumni are also encouraged to apply.