Political Science

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Program: Political Science Internship
Enrollment: Round the year
Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

Who can apply?
Students of Political Science, Law, Social Sciences, International Relations and related subjects are eligible to apply (including freelance researchers)


Models of Working

Placement in organization:

 Students will be placed in NGOs, INGOS and several institutions of choice for placements. Working days and hours are specified by the organization itself. Students shall be working for the organizational benefit while also preparing reports and thesis of their internship. The program aids student to understand, interpret, explain and critically assess events, patterns and structures of politics and government. The interns get to participate in the conferences and meetings as well.

Advance Research:

 This kind of internship research is done under the supervision of our experienced researcher, journalist and informational experts. Students will be facilitated with library visits, data supply and information resourcing for an active research staging. At the end of this program, the students will surely have learned what it takes to be a skilled professional in their respective fields.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Research and brainstorming 
2. Proposal writing
3. Preparing thesis and critical analysis  
4. Public relations development
5      Assisting in writing for research work
6. Administrative tasks handling 
7.    Interviewing renowned personalities for report preparation 


Internship Nepal offers a professional working and a peaceful living environment with perpetual internet service. We arrange visit to libraries or any other probable institutions where students can collect relevant information for their report and project during their stay in Nepal.

We assist students to arrange meetings and interview opportunities with experts, political personalities or general people related to the subject on students’ demand. Students can survey, interview, or even hold group discussion.