Teaching experience with monk

Nicholas Bloechl Boston college, USA Teaching at Monastery June 2014   Lovely Home (It is WiFi user name at home) was a nice quiet place to stay while my sister and I worked in the city. Read more

I learned a lot

Daniel Badhwa, USA Photojournalism University of Minnesota   I really enjoyed my time here and I would definitely do it again if I had the opportunity. Read more

A place like no other

Juliana Machado Forero, Colombia London School of Economics and Political Science    Nepal has been a baffling place to me. It has been exhilarating and frustrating; it has been just as amazing as it has been confusing. Read more

The paradox of learning

Camille Dion, Canada Human Rights Research University of Montreal    I grew up unconsciously thinking that learning was only possible through hard work, productivity, and full commitment to the work in progress or studies in question. Read more

It was a pleasure to meet you all

‎Julia Naldal, Denmark Photojournalism February-March, 2014   I arrived to Kathmandu the 8 of February. The first week I stayed in Arjuns house, where I was learning Nepali language and everything about the culture. Read more

A different experience

Gaëlle Perica  France Journalism    During my internship, I was in kirat festival, I visited a shaman who lives in Kathmandu. I have done some interviews, take photo in human rights manifestation. Read more

A great Opportunity

Gregory Elgee United States of America Photojournalism   My name is Gregor! I am a 25 year old aspiring photojournalist! I discovered Internship Nepal through Google while I was teaching English in China. Read more

My advice as experienced photojournalist

Cyril Groue, France August-September, 2013   Namaste! My name is Cyril, I am a 31 years old French guy. I stayed in Nepal for 2 month (August and September 2013) to follow the photojournalism internship. Read more

I never forget

Josep Prat, Catalonia Photojournalism August, 2013   I’ve been in Nepal for one month. I’ve never travelled alone. I was aware about what I was going to do, unless I planned it really fast. Read more

My experience and advice

Duparchy Bastien France  Journalism program July-September, 2013   Hi everybody ! I'm Duparchy Bastien  and I was in Nepal during two month and a half for the journalism internship. Read more

I will continue to practice

Aubrey McMullin, USA Photojournalism June-July, 2013   This internship was a wonderful opportunity and an incredible experience for me, from a professional and independent point of view. Read more

I complete my thesis

Stèphan Meijer Netherlands Human Rights Research Radbound University Nijmegen February-June, 2013   My time at Internship Nepal was great and a lifetime experience! It was even better than expected. Read more