Thesis Writing

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Program: Nursing Internship
Enrollment: Throughout the Year 

Who can apply?

Students of Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate, Masters, and PHD degree willing to write their thesis in the issues related to Nepal.

Program Duration: Minimum of 4 weeks to 20 weeks 

For Thesis Writing in Nepal, students of Journalism, Law, Social and Political Sciences are likely to apply. Students engaged in Internship Nepal's Thesis Writing program will be collecting necessary data and information, analyzing the facts and discussing about their topic of research or project throughout their internship duration. 

This 5-phase program is elaborated below:

I. First phase: Institutions’ visit and research preparation

In the first phase, the students will identify the general and specific objectives of research. Moreover, students will be given orientation about their research topic while also getting a brief introduction to the Nepalese culture orientation provided by the students' supervisor. Since students are from different cultural backgrounds, the cultural orientation will familiarize them with the dos and don’ts. Another activity scheduled in the first phase of the internship is to visit foreign aid related institutions and consult useful literature on the foreign aid to Nepal, such as books, reports, etc. 

II. Second phase: Meetings and Interviews

We assist in arranging timely meetings, interaction session and interviews with professionals, experts, resource persons, civil society representatives and other individuals useful  to this research. The main objective of the above mentioned meetings and interviews is to offer background information in order to dig out or identify merits as well as challenges of the related topic for Thesis preparation in Nepal.  It is also during this stage that the students will begin writing the very introductory part of the research work. 

III. Third phase: Exclusive interviews, group discussions, and field visits

In this stage, students will be encouraged to conduct exclusive interviews with resource persons, such as experts and other various knowledgeable individuals on foreign aid in Nepal. Moreover, we urge that students go on field visits for the case study of their matter of interest. He/she shall conduct a number of surveys and start compiling them in order to form a framework of the thesis.

IV. Forth phase: Final interview and discussion

In this stage the students can conduct final interviews mostly with people with high influence in the Nepalese Government policy making or other various local officials; possibly with different political party leaders. During this period, queries and questions that might have aroused in the previous discussions can be clarified from policy makers or other concerned individuals or institutions.

V. Fifth phase: Internship Report Writing-compiling, tabling and data analysis

In this phase, the students will compile and table first and secondary data then analyze it. The final compilation then has to be presented to the internship coordinator, who proof-reads for any probable errors. 

Note: Students will be further notified about the Thesis Writing program in Nepal after they officially fill up the application form. Sign Up today for your thesis writing internship in Nepal!