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Alice Cheng, Taiwan
Photojournalism internship


Today is the last day of my staying in Kathmandu, it has been a month since I live in this beautiful house at this amazing country. The first day I arrived, Nardev the papa welcomed me warmly in front of the airport gate, when I came in to the host-family house, I had my perfectly warm bed invited me to this new life in this one month. In the next day, I had my first experience of Nepalese food in the house by the best cook in the world – Shila Mom. 

 I learned so much from my photojournalism internship here with Ram, my teacher, he is a intelligent photojournalist who taught me lots of skills for my future career. The reason why I will never feel regret of my choice of InternshipNepal was that. Ram and the family welcomed me like family, treating me like best friends and daughter. Before coming to Nepal, Ram had been connecting with me during the internet for a while before I came. The first day of my Nepal internship, Ram took me by his motorbike around Kathmandu city and also another valley outside Kathmandu called Kritipur. After that. He introduced Nepalese culture to me and also taught me lots of useful photography skills. We visited lots of temples, countryside and so much more places to practice my skills. I could clearly see that I improved so much after few days of training.

However, this is not the only thing I have learned from this whole journey. From Kathmandu to Nagarkot to Pokhara, I explored so many places in Nepal with my international friends in the house. We created plenty of good memories during the travels. It was a bless because I could not only traveling around with some good friends but people from around the world. From at the beginning, Aki from Hong Kong, Zhoe from China, Susu from Korea to now, Nina and Marieke from Belgium, Nelly from Germany to Alex from France. We have become such a big family with joy, fun and happiness. I was lucky to meet everyone during my Nepal journey.

The last thing is that I became a totally different person as I was before, I became fearless and brave, I am not afraid of travelling alone anymore. It has been such a good trip! Thanks, InternshipNepal!

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