Human Rights

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Program: Human Rights Internship
Enrollment: Throughout the year

Who can apply?

Students of Political Science, Law, Social Sciences, International Relations and related subjects are eligible to apply (including freelance researchers)

Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

Undoubtedly one of the most unique countries in the world geographically, culturally and socio-economically, Nepal boasts a proud prehistoric civilization. Pristinely renowned for the diverse culture, ethnicity and linguistic variances, it has established itself as a prominent prospect of tourism and social research. Lots of political transitions in past recent decades have made Nepal a major center of attention in its human rights approach. Nepal has a staggering medieval history of politics and civilization. Not to forget, on an aftermath of calamities and scarcity Nepal has become a prime destination for anthropological, political research and human rights studies. 

Foreign students of graduate, masters, post graduate or PHD degree levels who are willing to write their thesis or independent study in these issues related to Nepal will find this program just suitable. 

In between the battle of power and dominance amongst legal authorities and the government, human rights of general people may have time and again been suppressed knowingly or unknowingly. In situations like these, human rights research and internship in Nepal can play an important role in social transformation and development. Many legal provisions unfriendly towards human-rights need to be researched and studied upon. Students enrolled in college and universities will be provided assistance in strengthening the research techniques and thesis writing.


Firstly, we assist to construct a literature review/ library visit at the beginning. In this phase, the program coordinator will provide required information about the related organizations and the source of the information. Students will be collecting data as per their necessity. The data needs to be actively handled and circulated. 

Working as an intern/volunteer for one of the human rights and social organizations can also be a productive option. The duties for those could be:

-Fund raising

-Proposal writing

-To develop public relation with Other INGs and NGOs

-To assist writing for research work

-To assist to prepare documents in English Language

-Teaching English language to the staffs

-Help in administrative works


Internship Nepal offers a professional working and a peaceful living environment with perpetual internet service. We arrange visit to libraries or any other probable institutions where students can collect relevant information for their report and project during their stay in Nepal.

We assist students to arrange meetings and interview opportunities with experts, political personalities or general people related to the subject on students’ demand. Students can survey, interview, or even hold group discussions.


Students of Law, political science and Human Rights/Resource are eligible. The most important thing to be noted is that the students of sociology, anthropology, psychology,or any other related subjects can apply for the program. 

Note: Students will further be notified of the program details once they officially fill our application form!