I am glad I chose this elective

Nicolas Ramly, Australia Medical elective Western Sydney University       Flying into Nepal I wasn't expecting to be greeted into such a welcoming environment. Read more

Nepal left a strong mark on me

Michele Salvagno, Italy Medical elective University of Padua              I went to Nepal to do an internship in a hospital as a medical student. Read more

Special place in my heart

Nikhil Tamminedi, Australia Medical elective Western Sydney University     I really hoped to learn about the culture of Nepal, and I truly did! Nepal will always have a special place in my heart. Read more

Someday I will be back

Tsung-Tao (Thomas) Yang University of Pittsburgh, USA   Before I participate in this internship, the only thing that I learn about Nepal is it is an undeveloped country that located between China and India. Read more

People are cooperative

Giorgia Airoldi, Italy Thesis writing Università degli studi di Bergamo   i loved my experience in Nepal for many reasons: it was nice to experience the daily life of Nepalese people while living in the host family;  I met so many intern from different parts of the world and I made good friendship; the researches I did about my thesis were satisfactory because Nepalese people are really cooperative and friendly and I loved the country in general. Read more

Leaving with an open mind

Wendy Yu, Canada Human rights internship University of Montreal    I came to Nepal with a conservative perception of the country, but I leave with an open mind. Read more

I was blown away by the kindness of people

Sean Carmichael, Canada MacEwan University     When I first arrived in Nepal, I didn't have too many expectations and was not quite sure what I was getting into. Read more

The whole team is helpful

Jessica Worsley, South Africa Photojournalism   It was difficult to orientate myself at first, but my fellow interns and internship coordinator were friendly and helpful. Read more

I feel so blessed

Eunike Septaria, Indonesia Medical Elective Udayana University, Bali   I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of interns here in Nepal. Read more

My dream has become true

Vera Elma Vacek, Switzerland Photojournalism   2017 have opened a door to make my dream come true.  I arrived in Nepal on January 1st, as the first intern this year to follow the photojournalism internship. Read more

Extremely unique experience

James  Ngan, Australia Physiotherapy Internship University of Melbourne    My trip to Nepal did not come with any real expectations. More so because I prefer not to be swayed by bias when experiencing a new country and culture. Read more

An ideal place for photography

Beatrice Wong City University of Hong Kong    "I really enjoyed my 3-week-stay here that it was delightful to be in this family and meet other interns. Read more