One of the best of my life

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Brianna Griesinger, USA
August, 2014


My time living in the Internship Nepal Home was one of the best of my life. I worked with Internship Nepal coordinators to help me adjust with my photojournalism internship at the Kathmandu Post. Ram was able to help me find local events to photograph for the paper, and traveling by motorbike didn’t hurt either.

Living at the home I was exposed to so many different people from all over the world. All of the interns really become close friends by the time we leave to head home, and saying goodbye to Shila our host mom is always the tear-jerking part. Internship Nepal provided me a great home base to enjoy while working for the Kathmandu Post.

I looked forward to returning home each night to nights on the roof together or a walk into Thamel. More than anything in the entire country I miss being a member of that family in that house. If you are looking to find a way to belong in Nepal, even just for a short while, Internship Nepal has a wonderful home-life waiting for you.

 In regards to my work, photojournalist Ram Humagai was a great local eye to help all of the interns understand Nepal with a foreign perspective. Even though I came to Nepal with full manual camera mode capabilities, I was able to learn more about working and photographing new and exciting events. Ram introduced me to rice plantation workers and people from every walk of life all across the Kathmandu Valley. Aided by Ram’s native Nepali I was able to photograph a wide variety of Nepali people.

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