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Florentyna Sitowska,UK
Thesis writing


My name is Florentyna Sitowska and I decided to partake in Internship Nepal program In order to complete my BA degree in sociology at the University of Nottingham in England. I joined human rights research for one month.  At the beginning I didn’t want to share my experience on a webpage because I felt like words will make it flat and less meaningful than it actually was but once you move into Internship Nepal’s house you become a part of a family and can do anything for the people you live and interact with.

As for the internship experience itself, I must say Ram is very helpful with organising the work, writing thesis, accessing books and other sources as well as setting appointments for the interviews. He is very passionate about his work and will do his best to make yours of the best quality. He will introduce you to the culture and make sure you feel in Kathmandu like at home – which is not difficult. Nepali people speak good English what makes it easy to communicate. They are actually very willing to practice their English! Once we were on a hike when a girl approached me and wanted to tell me everything I can see in the closest area. Other time, when we went to the Women’s Festival, I happened to lose rest of our group and while I was looking around for them,  a girl just came up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. I said ‘of course’ and the next minute we were in the middle of the dance floor where I could practice Hindi dance moves. There are numerous random and thrilling experiences I could write about, including the Nepal vs. Europe football game that almost made me die of laughter.

I loved my experience and I would like to thank Internship Nepal for making it possible. I will never forget music on the public bus, lively and colourful festivals, magnificent holy places we have seen, Dal Bhat, MoMo, Shila’s milk tea and the crew with whom we had so many laughs, especially when Alexis brought Kukhura  home!

Wishing you guys all the best for the future!


 Florent J

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