Six unforgetable weeks

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Larry Lee, Hongkong
Thesis Writing
University of HongKong


I’m Larry Lee, a student from University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Social Sciences. I have spent six unforgetable weeks with Internship Nepal, doing my programme known as Thesis Writing. When I now recall my experience in Nepal, the word ‘enjoyable’ emerges in my mind.

It was such a pleasure to work with my supervisor, Mr. Ram Humagai, who was always passionate, patient and ready for help. He was a relable resource everytime I needed to visit people relative to my research. With his help, I had the oppotunity to interview the local authorities, NGO runners and professionals, including the chief of Environmental Division, Mr. Rabin Man Shretha. Mr. Humagai’s knowledge of contemporary Nepal helped my research a lot, too. My work could not be done in such a effective and efficient way, I would claim, without the his help.

The other highlight of working with Internship Nepal was that I could meet and work with interns from all over the world. Never had I ever encounted such a harmonious, humorous and talented team before I came here. Many people I met in Nepal will surely become my life-long friends.

It is not common for exotic interns to find a ‘home’ thousands of miles away from their motherland; but we did. Shila and Nardev’s house, our homestay, was such a lovely ‘home’ from us. Everyone in the house was so caring and friendly that I barely experienced any sense of unfamiliar. It was so hard for me to say goodbye to the homestay, the friends as well as the country, where my treasurable memories lie.

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