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Duparchy Bastien France 
Journalism program
July-September, 2013


Hi everybody ! I'm Duparchy Bastien  and I was in Nepal during two month and a half for the journalism internship.

Before to do that I had ANY experience in journalism or in photography but believe me: it's not a problem! I came with a compact camera so I decided to buy a Nikon camera in Nepal (and it was one of the best idea i've ever had!)

During the first week you will see Ram, a journalist and he will explain you during one hour per day the setting of a camera at Nardev house (a host family) .

After it's up to you to practise during the day for learn faster. (For example I was taking picture of the sky with different settings for see witch one was the best and understand why. Then I was taking picture of traffic trying to have a clear picture and a good light...) Don't worry: It was not difficult for me (even if it was my first time) so I'm sure you will progress very quickly!

When the first week is finish, you have to go to Nardev house every day during one hour for show your work to Ram.

Concerning the work you will have to do I advised you to find informations by yourself : don't hesitate to contact businesses, schools, shops for your subjects ; like that you can learn a lot and this will allow you to meet lot of people, to see a lot of things and as well to move forward very quickly.

For example I wanted to make an article about the nepali fashion so I contacted fashion school, I had meeting with them, I spoke to teachers, thew give me some friend's names, I contacted them, I assisted at two fashion show, there I met magazines and other guys... It's very constructive !

Then you will discover the night photography and if you are lucky you will assist at some festivals!

One day, Ram invited us at the magazine “Image Nepal”. I kept contact with them and I published two articles. So really: don't stop to search opportunities and don't hesitate to ask some informations about yours projects!!

And for finish: if you have the opportunity to go to Nardev house just don't hesitate because this is the best Nepali family ever! I had so much good time with them, they are very friendly!!