My advice as experienced photojournalist

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Cyril Groue, France
August-September, 2013


Namaste! My name is Cyril, I am a 31 years old French guy. I stayed in Nepal for 2 month (August and September 2013) to follow the photojournalism internship.
Before I came to Nepal, I had finished my film studies (I wanted to be a director) but in the last couple of years, I chose another path: photojournalism. So far, I work and travel on my own, as a freelance and I wanted to experience a longer stay to cover more subjects at the same place (meaning same country) in the way to make some portfolios and get a concrete correspondent experience. This is why after some research on the net I found and chose Internship Nepal, a good opportunity for me to follow my project.
During my stay, I photographed many pictures at different festivals (lot of colors and dances but also traditional rituals) and political events (very interesting from a photojournalist point of view in my opinion). As people say, Nepal is rich about cultural events, it is always a good training for a photographer to be among the crowd, discovering something new and get some good pictures of it.
I also enjoy walking "here and there" and Kathmandu is a city full of surprising streets. It is true that transports are cheap (especially bus) but I would recommend to all photographers to walk time to time through the city and see people's daily life out of touristic places. By walking, I also discovered "street arts" on Kathmandu's walls: At first, it was just a curiosity for me but it finally became after my two month here a complete theme to follow.
According to my own experience, I would like to finish my comment by saying that InternshipNepal's programs are not only for students or beginners but also for those who already have experience and want to practice their skills.