I never forget

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Josep Prat, Catalonia
August, 2013


I’ve been in Nepal for one month. I’ve never travelled alone. I was aware about what I was going to do, unless I planned it really fast. Anyway, I was a little bit worried at first, as it always takes a little bit of time to integrate. It’s only with the pass of the days that you realize that, there are not that much of differences inside us. The family and the society itself it’s so generous and nice. Looking to what are the distinctions between my society and the Nepalese one, made me think about things that are better on there. Maybe they have lots of needs but I would never see here a happy face if we were in that situations. 

When there, I’ve been able to live the country. I’ve been able to photograph it but also to leave my camera at home and keep that people in my mind. And the best thing is that I’ve been able to forget absolutely the fears and the doubts and start talking with all the people I could, and that’s one of the basic things for being a journalist. That helped me to know more about the country. I talked with people that were on a wedding, doctors, artists, taxi drivers, shopping assistants, vendors... 

When I was on my way to the airport I thought I’d never come back again to Nepal as it’s not that easy economically and because there is a lot of places to see. But then… I was confused about my flight. It was the next day. I had to take a taxi and get home for one day again. I was so happy. Maybe that’s some kind of signal. I’ll never forget Nepal, although its noises, its dust, and its disorder.

Thank you to all that made this experience one of the best ones in my life. I’m missing you all.