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Stèphan Meijer Netherlands
Human Rights Research
Radbound University Nijmegen
February-June, 2013


My time at Internship Nepal was great and a lifetime experience! It was even better than expected.
I was writing my bachelor thesis about governmental policies and Dalit discrimination. Ram, the supervisor, was helping me a lot with the contacts and the first introductions at several agencies. After that I could go back on my own and collect the information. If necessary, Ram was translating the Nepali language. This help was great and the contacts gave me a great impression of the Nepali culture. Besides finishing my thesis, we did some cultural trips; which is made awesome too!
I stayed for four and a half months in the house and the family is so helpful and the most wonderful host family there is! Together with other interns, we went to other places in Nepal and spend a lot of time together. I really liked it to meet other people from all over the world and to become friends after that.
Nepal and the internship was a life time experience and made me connected to Nepal forever!
Thank you for everything.