From Australia to Kathmandu

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Corinne Ruddick Australia
June, 2013


My time as an intern/volunteering photographer for Internship Nepal was a fantastic experience, one that I will forever benefit from...

Through this internship I spent my time learning and applying the fundamentals of photography with the guidance of Ram, an esteemed Photo Journalist for  Nepal News.

Whilst my placement was for a short time, I was able to develop my skills in various aspects of photography and take away great insight into this industry. Gaining a detail understanding of the basic functions of my camera and being able to put this into practice when manually operating the ISO, shutter speed and aperture has been a beneficial practice. Also having a good understanding of the subject matter and composing an image that would influence a certain emotive in the viewer 
I have been fortunate enough to take photographs at political peace rallies, where over 30 parties marched to show their support for a cause.

Take part a traditional Hindu wedding where I was able to capture the religious ceremonies of exchanging the rings to a game of tug of war between the two families.

Spending an evening in Kathmandu Durbar Square  practicing night photography for the first time and enjoying a dinner overlooking the city with great friends.

Life with the most wonderful host family was an adventure.