It was what I never found back home

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Eric Newman, USA
Tennessee State University


Chances are, Internship Nepal will be nothing like life in your home country. This was true for me and exactly why I chose it: to experience life and my chosen profession in a way that wasn't possible at home. At times, it certainly felt like a "no frills" venture, but through introspect, I see the benefits of this culture and lifestyle in a way that will undoubtedly elicit fond memories upon my return home.

The hospitality that is offered at the home-stay in Kathmandu: At no point did I not feel a sense of welcome, whether it was among my amiable home-stay family or the several interns who shared the living quarters. It was refreshing to experience such kindness, 8000 miles from home. The traditional food that was served daily was more flavorful and cleaner than any authentic restaurant in the area. The living quarters were perfectly adequate but may require adjustment for some travelers.

The experience at the hospital (Sahara Care): I am thankful for the time spent at the hospital. I gained a genuine sense of appreciation by the patients, whom I was honored to treat. Every native therapist was professional, competent, and kind, offering their full focus of skill on the improvement of their patients. I thank each and every one of them for the opportunity to work among them as a peer. And I thank the patients and their family members for entrusting me with their therapy.

The best advice to incoming interns is to curb your expectations so that you may experience a true Nepal - a confusing blend of grit and beauty where the 21st century is, at times, chaotically mashed with old world values and style. Challenge yourself to imbibe in the communal and peaceful spirit shared among every person I met here. Keep your needs simple and allow yourself to be thankful for a unique experience that won't soon be forgotten.