I am glad I chose this elective

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Nicolas Ramly, Australia
Medical elective
Western Sydney University


Flying into Nepal I wasn't expecting to be greeted into such a welcoming environment. The host family is wonderful, and they went out of their way to make me feel at home. 

The internship coordinator took me to the hospital on the first day to teach me the ins and outs of public transport in Nepal, which made getting to hospital on subsequent days very easy, and also made me feel more comfortable taking public transport around Nepal when going to different places. 

The hospital I was placed at was also great. The doctors were very welcoming and took a great interest in my medical education. They spent time explaining the different conditions we were seeing as well as letting me assist during some surgeries. 

I definitely felt like a part of the team. I am very happy with my internship experience in Nepal, and I am glad that I decided to go with Internship Nepal.