A country everyone should visit

Michelle Biedermann, Belgium Nursing internship Artesis Plantijn College, Antwerp    This internship program was the best I could have chosen! Shila and the family were extraordinary and I felt very comfortable at the homestay. Read more

Much better than I imagined

Isabelle Huynh,UK  Medical elective University of London   I had the most amazing time in Nepal with Nardev, his family and all the great people I met along the way. Read more

An eye opening experience

Jamie Piotrowski, USA Thesis witting University of Pittsburgh   My 8 weeks in Nepal were full of ups and downs but my fellow students and mentors are a great support system and will get you the resources-and people-you need. Read more

Appreciated the flexibility

Taylor Sienkiewicz, USA Journalism University of Denver   This was a great experience overall. I loved my host family and the other interns. I appreciated the flexibility of the work and openness to different journalistic topics. Read more

Loved exploring the culture

Ashton Eleazer, USA University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill   I am so grateful for the opportunity Internship Nepal provided for me to pursue photojournalism cross-culturally. Read more

I learned a lot about photography

Mitchell Stewart, Canada University of Windsor, ON   I expected to be working in an office as a trainee just entering the journalism world. This internship is much more than that. Read more

Everyone was welcoming

Patrick Sherwood, UK Nursing internship Univeristy of Nottingham    My stay has been thoroughly enjoyable. The host family have been so welcoming and caring and always available for help and advice. Read more

I would definitely recommend it

Robyn Watt, UK Photojournalism University of the West of Scotland     My time doing the photojournalism internship has been great! I have learned a lot about writing and photography with Ram as a great mentor. Read more

I am glad I chose this elective

Nicolas Ramly, Australia Medical elective Western Sydney University       Flying into Nepal I wasn't expecting to be greeted into such a welcoming environment. Read more

Nepal left a strong mark on me

Michele Salvagno, Italy Medical elective University of Padua              I went to Nepal to do an internship in a hospital as a medical student. Read more

Special place in my heart

Nikhil Tamminedi, Australia Medical elective Western Sydney University     I really hoped to learn about the culture of Nepal, and I truly did! Nepal will always have a special place in my heart. Read more

It was what I never found back home

Eric Newman, USA Tennessee State University     Chances are, Internship Nepal will be nothing like life in your home country. This was true for me and exactly why I chose it: to experience life and my chosen profession in a way that wasn't possible at home. Read more