Amazing experience

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Luke Newbegin, Australia 
University of Melbourne


I had an amazing experience in Nepal and felt that the program was well-organized and provided valuable opportunities for learning and growth. I really enjoyed my time in the hectic ED. Whilst the guidelines they practice under are the same as the West, their principles around privacy and money were very different, and interesting to see. Seeing crazy CTs or many clinical signs a day became normal, which is great for me as a future doctor to learn to recognize and manage different or more severe diseases. 

The host family was incredibly welcoming and provided a comfortable living arrangement. The food Sheila cooked was amazing. The cultural immersion aspect of the program was a highlight for me; seeing the stupors, going on hikes as a group, and going to a festival; as I was able to learn so much about the local community and gain a deeper appreciation for the Nepalese culture.

Overall, I would highly recommend [Internship Nepal] to anyone looking for a meaningful and transformative experience.