More than my expectation

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Grayson Walker, USA
Emory University


I got more than what I expected. Going into Internship Nepal, I was admittedly hesitant since it was not my first choice. But after spending just a few days at the home stay—and with the mentorship and guidance I got included in the program—I felt incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon this. The Pandays are an entertaining and accommodating family, and the mentorship I got with Ram Humagai was elite. I was able to conduct my research with relative ease and still feel like it was an adventure the whole time. The food we got was delicious and filling — Ms. Panday and Uma cook heaps of food even when there’s only a few people at the home stay. As for lunch, you’re on your own — but you can get a filling plate of Momos or Chowmein for under a buck just around the corner. Nepal is a beautiful and challenging country for foreigners. I think the experience has broadened my perspective for a lifetime and I’m happy that Internship Nepal helped facilitate it.