Colorful Festival Celebration

Color festival has arrived at Internship Nepal. The dynamics of color celebration is directed to bring people together and celebrate it in a unity. Read more

Photojournalism intern publishes travel article

Internship Nepal has proven itself as a platform provider over a decade long history. It has always engaged interns in a unique blend of hard work and devotion towards their creativity, to help them achieve their ambition in life. Read more

Research Work of Interns Published

The thesis prepared by our past interns under their respective interest of subjects has been published on the Projects of Internship Nepal page. Read more

Introducing Astrology To Our Interns

The culture of Nepal is rich and unique in the world.The religious values and beliefs of Nepalese are phenomenal.  When we told our interns about the eastern astrology, they were very excited and wanted to learn more about the future reading. Read more

Teej Celebration at Internship Nepal

Teej is one of the most sacred Hindu festivals, which is primality observed by the womenfolk of Nepal to seek blessings for their husband’s long life. Read more

Research article of our intern published

Jamie Piotrowski landed Nepal with a dream of completing her master thesis. She expressed her enthusiasm to learn more about Bhutanese refugees and IN understood what she really needed! During the program, she was involved in interaction programs with some of the senior executives and researchers of the related felid which gave her a new dimension towards the status of refugee in Nepal. Read more

Beating the summer heat

There is no better way to beat the heat of summer than by spending it in the water. Swimming is a great recreational activity which relaxes both mind and body. Read more

World Cup Fever at Internship Nepal

There's only one trending question all around the world at this very moment- Who will win the World Cup 2018 and create history? And of course, we couldn't afford to stay untouched by this raging hype. Read more

Camping In the Woods And Hiking Through Hills

There is nothing like a group camping at weekend. Escaping the internet world and workload, Internship Nepal and team of students went on a night out to Pharping and Bungamati on 19 and 20 May. Read more

Peaceful Weekend at Namobuddha

So here we are, after a wonderful week although a little tiring for all of us, at the Old Buspark in Kathmandu. It’s 9 AM in the morning and we have packed our bags. Read more

Visit to International Career Fairs at the University of Michigan and Philip Merrill College

When the necessities of time propel you to newer opportunities, you swallow them. It’s that courage and the willingness to grow that endorse further horizons. Read more

An interaction session with a senior photojournalist

Catching up with and bestowing continuity to the trend of inviting esteemed personalities of various critical sectors to the premises of Internship Nepal, this past week we had another inspirational individual grace us with his grip. Read more