Free Health Camp at School by Internship Nepal

It had been a while since the medical electives ensemble of Internship Nepal had driven their volunteer works outside of the hospital. This time we had a batch of fresh qualified people deliver for us. Read more

Friday Photo Presentation

Every Friday, students are required to mandatorily present their works in front of fellow interns as well as the program coordinator with the motive of receiving expert suggestions and general feedbacks. Read more

A new experience of Hindu cultural ceremonies

Saraswati is defined as the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati has been exemplified as a symbol of inspiration. Saraswati Puja is celebrated every year in the Hindu culture as an occasion of worshipping and paying homage to her holiness Saraswati. Read more

The Joy of Bhai Tika

The festive season in Nepal has just ended. First Dashain, then Tihar and then Chhath; the whole country observed significant exuberance in markets, buildings as well as people’s daily life. Read more

Affiliation Contract from Tennessee State University

It has always been one of Internship Nepal’s major objectives to offer internship opportunities to students from all over the world, while also contributing in their career formation. Read more

Discussion with University professors in Canada

Mr. Nardev Pandey (Director, Internship Nepal) set out on a two-week long trip to Canada this past month on 22nd of September, 2016. International affairs advisor, Asia & Pacific at the University of Montreal, Stephanie Talliez’s crucial assistance in arrangement of meetings and appointments was of vital help, so was Professor Guillermo Aureano’s wonderful companionship as it has always been. Read more

Unprecedented Experience at the Outskirts

Another rainy Saturday morning in Kathmandu, a troop of 12 hard working individuals set out to Pharping. About 19km south of Kathmandu, Pharping is a thriving Newari town that is widely known for having mothered the second ever hydropower in all Asia and the biggest of that. Read more

Interaction on post conflict situation

Smita Magar was invited to an interaction with our interns here in the Internship Nepal premises. Smita is a journalist cum researcher in peace process, actually of Sri Lanka, but an abundantly informed and learned in the political back-story of Nepal. Read more

A photography tour to Nagarkot

On the day of Lhoshar, which is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal, we left for a two days hike to another popular tourist destination around Kathmandu- Nagarkot. Read more

A Hike for Hindu Culture Study

Every year on the Nepali month of Magh (between January and February) the day of Swasthani Purnima (Full Moon day) is believed to commence the “Swasthaani Brata-Katha Aarambha”. Read more

Interaction Session with Documentary Professional

 This Thursday proved to be a special one as we were honored with the arrival of one of our former interns Ms. Anica James. She’s a Documentary Photographer from Canada, who had joined our Journalism/Photo Journalism programs at Internship Nepal during the year 2014. Read more

Website Now in French version

We are very pleased to announce that we have launched our website in French version hoping that it’ll be easier for French students to understand our programs and services better. Read more