Appreciation letter from University of Groningen

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We received a precious gift from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands for hosting one of their brilliant students Maximilien Couvreur. Internship Nepal had an excellent opportunity to guide him throughout his master digree thesis project.

His satisfaction and dedication towards the project were beautiful to see. The letter gives us a clearer picture of how students are experiencing internship opportunities in Nepal. Academic and professional experience has been vital during the internship.

We are delighted by the effort of drs. H.Sportel, lecturer of International relation and international organization at the University of Groningen sending us an appreciation letter. The University shows a great interest in providing more opportunity for its students in further.

Internship Nepal is progressing to satisfy students and institute around the world. With a letter of appreciation, we are motivated and confident in providing an excellent internship opportunity for students.

The letter is here