Introducing Astrology To Our Interns

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The culture of Nepal is rich and unique in the world.The religious values and beliefs of Nepalese are phenomenal.  When we told our interns about the eastern astrology, they were very excited and wanted to learn more about the future reading. We took our interns to the famous astrologer and engaged them on personal future reading based on the position of stars and moon. 
 Astrology also has its origin in the Vedas, the major source of virtually everything for the Hindus. Astrology plays a significant role in a Nepali person’s life especially during important transitions in life like marriage, having children, moving to a new house, working on a new business etc. The moment a child is born in Nepal, the exact time of birth is noted and given to the astrologer, who according to the position of the different planets in the solar system at that precise moment prepares a Cheena. 
Our interns were excited to see how their stars were aligned and what their future beholds. They got to learn the importance of astrology and its origin from the renowned astrologer of Nepal. The astrologer suggested them personally on how the stars could affect on their life on the basis of their birth date and time. Well, it depends upon the person whether to believe on star divination or not but our interns were quite happy with the result. 
 Post Date: 23 Sept. 2018             
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