Peaceful Weekend at Namobuddha

So here we are, after a wonderful week although a little tiring for all of us, at the Old Buspark in Kathmandu. It’s 9 AM in the morning and we have packed our bags. Read more

Visit to International Career Fairs at the University of Michigan and Philip Merrill College

When the necessities of time propel you to newer opportunities, you swallow them. It’s that courage and the willingness to grow that endorse further horizons. Read more

An interaction session with a senior photojournalist

Catching up with and bestowing continuity to the trend of inviting esteemed personalities of various critical sectors to the premises of Internship Nepal, this past week we had another inspirational individual grace us with his grip. Read more

The High and Handsome Dhulikhel

The weather this very period of the year has turned particularly fickle; but who cares if the hikers are all fond of travelling to a new place? For this Saturday we had planned to go to Dhulikhel to spend our day. Read more

At the Lap of Sankhu and its Periphery

Where is the fun in life if we don’t even spare some time to take a short break, go gallivanting and fall in love with the nature? It was as if our recent hike was a paradigm of the above thought since after almost two weeks of sheer work magnitude, we came up with a vivid plan to set out on a hike to Sankhu. Read more

Inspiring Interaction Session with Mitini Nepal

Internship Nepal keeps on arranging several effectual interaction programs with various successful and heroic personalities of Nepal. This past Thursday we had invited one of the most elegant and inspiring ladies of this era Ms. Read more

A Short Yet Worthy Yoga Session

Originated in ancient India, Yoga is an ascetic discipline which includes breathe control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Read more

Rice Plantation delight at Bungamati

Travelling and going for a hike to a new place has always been fun and refreshing. We had planned for a hike a week earlier. We were all hoping for good and favorable weather as the weather nowadays is fickle. Read more

A weather favored Hike to Sanga

When Kathmandu’s weather favors, what do you do? You hike. You travel. You explore and get lost. Lost we did get when we set out on a day’s hike to Sanga this past Saturday. Read more

Meeting with Professors at Tennessee State University

Not long after we took Internship Nepal to Canada last year, the prestigious organization featured in one of the most historic and significant universities in the United States of America. Read more

When we greeted Bungamati once again

The day began with all the excitement that Kathmandu has to offer; with the most imperfect weather complimenting the trip that we all looked forward to. Read more

Holi 2k17 at Internship Nepal

“Holi hai!” meaning (It’s Holi!)- These words of euphoria could be heard all around the community and most certainly across the entire country, right from the morning. Read more