A story About Garbage in Kathmandu

The people dump their waste in the street while the crows watch the horror. The sweepers sweep the street any special gear. Photojournalism intern Lin, from the Netherlands, writes more here. Read more

Wood carvings of Nepal

Wood carvings of Nepal are created by clans of Newars -- the “old people” of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur --,gracing traditional architecture of Nepal since the 12th century. Read more

Laughs and Worries of A Tourist Guide

Tourist in and around the monsoon season is not booming in Nepal, a lot of time  is threfore spent waiting. Next to tourist low tourist/guide ration many tourist donnot hire a guide because they feel their guide bood is sufficient. Read more

Urban Porters

Most of porters carry their loads  on their head in Nepal. Since it is the traditional way of carring loads, most people do not complain and adopt a mentally  where “why change it  if it has always been like that. Read more

Photo feature on traffic system in Nepal

There are more vehicles than the capacity of roads in capital city, Kathmandu. Minor or major,  accidents are happening everyday in the city on these roads. Read more

Documentary on water shortage in Kathmandu

  Nepal is second richest country in water resource in the world. But people in capital city, Kathmandu is always facing drinking water scarcity. Most of people in the city can't get clean and enough water for their daily usage. Read more

Documentary on Gandharba

Nepal is rich in culture and traditional music. Suke Driver, a British citizen who did photo internship with us for three weeks has done some research on Gandharba community. Read more