Dental Electives

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Program: Dental Electives

Enrollment: Round the year

Who can apply?

Students, including doctors and nurses of Dental Science, Dentistry, Oral Health and all the related fields are eligible to apply

Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

The scope of Dental Science and Dentistry is flourishing in Nepal especially in the present context. Quite noticeably, the approach to Dental Science is vastly different in developing country like Nepal than it might be in the developed countries. That is exactly why there is a growing demand of professionals with greater potential in these fields in the Nepalese hospitals. This is crucial for students as they will learn to cope with tougher scenarios as they will have to in the progression of their professional career.

The program, aimed at providing opportunities for students of Dental Science, Dentistry and Oral Hygiene students for dental electives in Nepal, places students in some of the most prominent hospitals in Kathmandu. Internship Nepal’s dental elective program can be tailored to the requirements of respective students applying for the elective in a variety of departments.

The clinical departments where students will be placed are:

1. Oral Medicine And Radiology

2. Conservative And Endodontics

3. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

4. Prosthodontics

5. Periodontics

6. Orthodontics

7. Pedodontics/ Pediatric Dentistry

8. Community Dentistry


During their electives, students will be engaged in following activities:

1. Cases observation in Different Departments

2. Interaction with doctors of host institute

3. Instrumentation Practical

4. Participation at Dental outreach Programs

5. Participation at community awareness program

6. Teaching patients about flossing, use of fluoride and other aspects of dental care

7. Studying removal of decay from teeth and filling cavities

8. Analyzing cracked/fractured teeth

9. Assisting to place sealants and whitening agents on teeth

10. Teaching patients about flossing, use of fluoride and other aspects of dental care


Alongside these activities, elective students will also be participating in following awareness/ preventive programs:

1. Oral Health Education

2. Dietary Consultation

3. Tooth Brushing Demonstration

4. School Tooth Brushing Program

5. School Fluoride Rinse Program

6. Survey/Research

Note: In this elective in Nepal, the role of the students mostly is assisting the local doctors. Hands-on work depends on how much your supervisor doctors are confident on you. Therefore, the level of hands-on work is mostly determinded only during the program period.

Students will further be notified of our Dental Electives program in Nepal after they officially fill the application form. Sign up for your Dental Electives in Nepal today!