Radio Journalism

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Radio broadcasting is the cheapest and quickest means of mass communications in Nepal. In a mountainous country like Nepal, radio broadcasting has proved to be a very effective medium for disseminating information, educating people, and entertaining the masses. Nepal is a pioneer for outstanding broadcasting in Asian countries, in FM Radio and especially in community Radio. There are around 360 FM stations and 200 community radios being aired currently all over the country. 

The people in the hilly areas and many of the remote villages have little or no access to motorable roads or to any communication and entertainment facilities. Because of the high illiteracy rate, newspapers are of little use to these populations. Therefore, Radio has been the most suitable means of disseminating information and providing entertainment to masses in Nepal.

 About Internship in Radio Journalism

This course is designed for university students or for any one who has studied radio and wants to learn more through hands on sessions in Nepal. The course is also open to anyone willing to do the basics to advanced courses in radio Journalism.

Basic Course: This course is designed to provide an introduction to radio reporting, writing and production. While there are many different techniques and processes used to make radio programs, this course will give you an overview of the basic skills and components that make radio programs possible.

Internship duration: The Radio Internship duration is generally one to three months. This includes and introduction to Nepal and Nepal radio stations, radio program formats (magazine, interview, drama, voxpops, advertisements and so on), as well as script writing, recording, editing, and mixing of the radio program.

Advance Course: This course is designed to those who already have basic knowledge in radio. The advance course is a more in-depth research oriented course where interns will be given projects and issues to focus on. They will have to produce all aspects of a radio program. The radio program produced will be translated and sent to the local FM stations. The program will be aired in rural areas so the program will cover issues about local governance, development, education, and the environment.

Training Duration: Generally the training duration for the advanced radio journalism course is two weeks to two months. The training includes a visit to the local radio stations, meeting radio Journalists, and independent production of a radio program.

 Both of these internships comprise of:

•         A complete radio program packaging

•         Practical sessions in recording studio

•         Radio station visits in Kathmandu

•         Involvement in in-house production

Note: Further information about the program will be provided via email after the applicants formally fill our application form!