Journalism program

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Program: Journalism

Enrollment: Round the year

We have three different levels of internship in journalism within our program which covers basic learning to professional journalism.

1. Journalism internship for beginners:

Those people who want to start their career in the life of journalism or any other field of mass communication we will provide basic guideline to identifying issues, doing interview and news writing. Students can write stories for the newspapers, online portal or magazine of their home country as well as the Nepali media. We distribute their articles via email to the Nepali media, which they may use for free of cost. Students can preferably have good writing skills in English language; we have writers and proof-readers of our own to assist, of course.  

We often organize cultural tours and discussion program in our office where students can participate and can develop stories. These events have to meet certain critera and conditions to be organized. Interns/volunteers shall have the opportunity to go to the rallies, sit-in programs, and political demonstrations as well as to participate in the academic discussion program like conferences, interaction program, seminars etc. We encourage them to write stories for our news portals too.

 2. Program for freelance journalist 

Those people who are experienced in the field of journalism but are interested in freelancing can also join our program. We will help them identify interesting issues that may attract the attention of the editor of any media. They can do research and send story outline to different media which might be made into a contract by the editor.

One to five months 'Intensive Freelance Journalism Internship' provides interested students or volunteers an opportunity to explore & work with Nepal’s great culture, beauty, people and media outlets. Our program consists of 4 main components:

In this program experienced journalists coordinate, make regular assignments, work plan and facilitate them to develop stories and articles.

Students/volunteers will be informed about daily happenings and coordinators/journalist will take them to the field. We will gather stories and articles and distribute them to top national media such as National Dailies like The Kathmandu Post, The Rising Nepal, My Republica, The Himalayan Times etc.

Under this program students can explore issues, do research and collect information themselves in a similar environment to the newsroom of news papers.

Students can share problems faced during the time of identifying issues and research, and collecting information in our regular meetings with journalists will help to enhance their knowledge in a practical way.

 3. Journalism with local media:

Nepali media still need experienced journalists. For experienced journalists who wish to utilize their time volunteering in Nepali media, we can arrange placements of desire in different National Daily News Papers, online news portals and magazines.

For this internship, applicants need to send their updated CV at least one month prior to joining the program and we will send it to the editor of concerned newspapers. 

During this program, our experienced program coordinator will test students' ability of writing news, language skills etc. After this we will decide whether they are fit to send work to news media or magazines. 

This is a time bound placement (you will need to dedicate time for it in all 6 working days) and a much skill-requiring job so we encourage you to apply only if you are a journalist with comprehensible experience.

When to apply: Throughout the year. You can apply in all seasons. Applications for journalism internships are accepted for summer, fall, spring and winter.

Publications and Media Positions:

1. Publications: Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly publications. Newspapers and magazines are listed below.

2. TV Stations: Nepal Television, Kantipur Television, Channel Nepal, Image Channel. 

Position: Reporting, Editing and Photography. Students go into the field as assignment reporters, covering stories or photo stories around the country. Students can work at the news desk, or can work as an assistant editor.

Salary: Unpaid.

You will not receive payment for your work with any publication or in the media, or for any photos.

Work Week: Sunday-Friday

Working Hours: You will work 5-7 hours per day, depending on publication type and assignment. Hours may vary with each assignment. (Students can work part time or full time depending on their level of interest.)

Vacancies: Internship positions are usually available throughout the year.

Rights to article or stories: Students retain all rights to their write ups. However, your assigned publication reserves the right to use your stories and article.