Experience a different culture

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The main objective of this program undoubtedly, is to inject a new and completely different understanding of a totally different culture with so much diversity and variation to those looking for an inter-cultural experience.

To manage a different Nepal is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing destinations in the world – with its combination of mystical Buddhist origins, and peaceful and spiritual indigenous populations, it attracts those who wish to visit a less developed country where much of the ancient religious and cultural heritage has been sustained. 

This excellent program gives you the opportunity to combine spending time in the spectacular city of Kathmandu, where swallows swoop amongst the elegant spires of the ancient temples, with delving into vast nature reserves, and enjoying adventure activities in the dramatic mountain foothills. You will also have the chance to absorb local customs, observe traditional dances and festivals, and even learn to write and speak some basic Nepali.