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Program: Business Internship
Enrollment: Throughout the Year

Who can apply?

Students pursuing Business Studies, Business Administration, Business Development, and Marketing and related subjects as their majors or minors.

Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks to 20 weeks

Internship Nepal’s newly designed and customized Business Internship program calls out to driven students who are also ambitious individuals with entrepreneurial minds. There are endless streams of business scope worldwide and we believe each idea possesses tremendous commercial value. Here is a layout of some tasks that students will be assigned during their business internship.

Activities during the Internship:

The internship may include but is not limited to:

• Placements in business-driven companies
• Assisting in new business plans and models formulation
• Market research and Growth Hacking
• Client handling and counseling
• Creating digital marketing strategies
• Attending meetings and carrying out administrative duties
• Report preparation, analytics and weekly evaluation
• Presentations and interaction sessions


Why choose Nepal for business internship?

Being a developed country comes with a lot of setbacks and limitations for an entrepreneurial evolution. Nepal has been in the helm of industrialization and mechanization for a few decades, more so now than ever before. With this progress and accomplishment, skilled workforce is gradually starting to take toll in the sustainable development of the country. Yet, the resources have continuously been yearning a suitable environment in order to flourish with their passion.

Business and entrepreneurship go hand in hand in the present context of the world. Internship Nepal believes that students with broad knowledge of business development, marketing and sustainable business concepts could well be incorporated here. Such scope of business and market analysis can certainly help students gain a much wider perspective of the third world economy.


What students can expect from this internship:
• How countries like Nepal have been sustaining their national economy and what their major sources of revenue are
• Knowledge on dealing with low capital environment, tough business scenarios where critical judgement is important
• A broader viewpoint of what their knowledge on business liability can be useful for in the Nepalese context
• Possibilities of newer entrepreneurial models for countries like Nepal where there are opportunities of advancement and rooms for improvement everywhere
• Opportunity to take back a fascinating experience based on the challenges faced during certain operations throughout the internship


Note: Students will further be notified about our Business Internship program in Nepal after they officially fill up the application form. Sign Up today for your physiotherapy internship in Nepal!