Someday I will be back

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Tsung-Tao (Thomas) Yang
University of Pittsburgh, USA


Before I participate in this internship, the only thing that I learn about Nepal is it is an undeveloped country that located between China and India. This internship provide me opportunities to understand Nepal, its culture, history, and natural view. I would say I am quite lucky that I have this memorable experience when I am young, which can let me spend a whole life to recall.

I am so lucky that my host family provide me a feeling like I am back home. My coordinator, Ram, is super cool and knowledgeable in the related information on my thesis topic, the Belt and Road Initiative. His interview list pushed me to know lots of governmental officials, former diplomats, and scholars, which contribute to my networking skills. He also leaded me to explore the local Nepali culture and scenery. Submerged in this paradise, the long-absence leisure provide me relax, and help me know more about this country.

 The only thing I think will improve is the security of this country. I got diarrhea twice because of the unsanitary food. Also, I encounter a public bribery by the staff of the airport. They are all negative impacts for me. I wish this country can be better, so security problems should be solved first.

Anyway, I will never forget this experience, which is worth to remember for the whole life and share with friends, children, and close people. I hope the next time I visit Nepal, it will be more modern, but still preserve the simple local life and beautiful natural view.

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