Meeting with Professors at Tennessee State University

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Not long after we took Internship Nepal to Canada last year, the prestigious organization featured in one of the most historic and significant universities in the United States of America. Tennessee State University was kind enough to invite Internship Nepal for presentation in three of their faculties on April 13, 2017:
1. Physiotherapy and
2. Occupational Therapy
3. Nursing

The Director of Internship Nepal, Mr. Nardev Pandey graced TSU during his week long stay in Nashville and was accompanied around the University premises throughout his visit. He PowerPoint presented Internship Nepal’s services and programs in the “Physiotherapy Students Hall”, accompanied by professors and teachers as well as students of the Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Occupational Therapy and Faculty of Nursing.

Huge credits go to Ms. Deborah Edmondson for the success of this trip and its possibility in the first place. Ms. Edmondson is the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at Tennessee State University and it was on her invitation and arrangements that this discussion was possible. The presentation and discussion session focused on the system of treatment and therapy in Nepal and how it contrasts from that in the USA. Also, the roles of students at the hospitals in Nepal during their internship were thoroughly discussed.

Our collaboration with TSU

Internship Nepal’s association/collaboration with Tennessee State University started from January, 2017. We also published a news about an Affiliation Contract from Tennessee State University signed by Internship Nepal which you can read through this link. Since then, we have been a partner organization for this glorious institution and we hope to sustain the wonderful relations in the years to come.