Leaving with an open mind

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Wendy Yu, Canada
Human rights internship
University of Montreal 


I came to Nepal with a conservative perception of the country, but I leave with an open mind. Nepal is a truly beautiful country with beautiful people and I am happy that I chose an internship in this country.

 As for the internship itself, there are quite a few elements that need improvement. As a general observation, there is a lack of organization and students are a little bit left on their own since there is only one coordinator for 20 students. However, the coordinator is very kind and knowledgeable, and he took a lot of his time to show me around the city, teach me about photography -- his expertise -- and about the Nepalese culture, and support me in my research, which I am grateful for. 

I am a rather independent and time-efficient person; hence, in three weeks, I was able to get a lot of work done. Overall, I appreciated my experience in Nepal and it is something I will never forget.