It is the most rewarding experience

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Laura Picard, Canada
Photojournalism Internship
August, 2012


Two month since I left Nepal and I still can't stop talking about it all around me.

it is the most rewarding experience I have ever had,and I don't regret choosing to do my university internship in photo-journalism over there.

opting for internshipNepal is going on a trip where you can be at the same time very independent and discover a country far from  continental everyday life,

and also be taken in charge and be advised during the major events taking place in the country,  and that you would have no idea if you were an only tourist.

As an intern in photojournalism we had to cover these events and send our pictures to local newspapers to be published but also work on a research project that would be presented at the end of our stay.

it is a good way to get meaningful guidance about the work we have done, and improve our photojournalists skills.

in my opinion it is the best way to complement  university studies and also the best way to get a lifetime experience,meeting anew culture, new traditions and habits.

Above all that I met wonderful people i will never forget starting from my host family,the Pandeys, and Ram who was taking us in charge during the program.

I hope to see them again very soon.

We had a really great family life with all the interns in there place with a lot of fun and caring.

I also met really great friends i hope to keep for a long time!

 the only thing I could regret,is not having stayed a little longer, I would definitely take again the option of doing an internship in a foreign country.