Interesting experience with Internship Nepal

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– Crystal Street 
Journalism Intern


The opportunity to work as a journalist in a foreign country is a priceless experience, and in the proper environment it can alter career paths and life perspectives. My experience with Nardev Pandey at Internship Nepal was interesting and I was able to learn about myself as a journalist, my needs to produce relevant work, my approach towards working in a foreign country and the cultural differences that exist between different media markets.

The editorial staff at allowed me the flexibility to adjust the program to suit my style of journalism and my needs as an older student. Living with my host family also opened cultural doors which may have remained closed had I approached the project as an outsider staying in the tourist locations of Kathmandu. The food was wonderful and the family's habits and interactions were refreshing and amusing! The local experience allowed me to blend in with my environment and gave my work a different perspective.

While working in a foreign environment takes some adjustments, the Internship Nepal program made those adjustments feasible and gave me an experience that will shape my approach to documentary photography when I return to America. The connections I've made within this community will also allow me to return as a freelancer at a future date and will make future work in Nepal much more powerful and relevant to the people and the issues of this country.