I never forget in my life

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Ma Xuan, China
Photojournalism Program
Jan-Feb. 2012


Impressive. It’s the feeling I got at the first day arriving in Nepal, and it lasts until the day I left. As the neighbor of China, Nepal is so different, from lifestyle to cultural customs.
After arriving at Kathmandu, I loved the city at first sight. The colorful buildings look like so harmonious together, and it’s so different from China. Women’s dress is also impressd me. As there are different ethnic groups and castes in Nepal, I can see the Newari, Indian, and Tibetan women everywhere. Sari is so beautiful both in old ladies and young girls. When it comes to food, I’d say Chinese are really masters. In China, we have so many cuisines and many different methods to cook food, such as frying, steaming, boiling, stewing. In Nepal, seems there is nothing except curry. Actually, one of the most popular food ‘Momo’ is dumplings in China.
What impressed me most in Nepal is people who living here seems so leisurely. They go to school and work at 10am, and back home at 4 or 5pm. Such a short working time! Actually, a good respect of that is people will have a happy life. As they have a lot of free time, they can do things they want to do, they can just sit in sunshine and rest. But on the other hand, I think it’s not good for the economic growth of the country. Contrast to this, in current China, it seems everybody is as busy as a bee.
I do like the native people here. They are really nice and warm-hearted. So many people helped me during my one-month period. Besides, Chinese people is so welcomed in Nepal. This kind of dialogue happened quite frequently when I was in Nepal.
—“Nihao(Hello in Chinese).”
Landscape in Nepal, especially in Pokhara is excellent. The sunrise in Machhapuchhre is marvelous; besides, it’s the first time I get up so early just for the sunrise, I will not forget it in my whole life.