Experiences were great

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Brett Tanning. USA
Medical elelctive, M.D
Western Michigan University 


This is Brett Tanning.  I came to Internship Nepal in March of 2016, staying at “the lovely home” with Nardev, “Mama” and their 3 children, as well as a group of other interns of medical and photojournalism studies, including visitors from France, Germany, and Belgium, and worked in anesthesiology at Kathmandu Model Hospital, with Dr. Debendra.  

Both experiences were great.  The home was lively and welcoming, and made for a warm environment.  

The medical care was also much better than I expected; while Nepal is poor on resources, there is actually a lot of great clinical medicine practiced here.  Lots of practical adjustments were made to get around clinical settings that are financially poorer, but with good solutions to bridge these gaps.   I saw a lot of nerve blocks that I wouldn’t ordinarily encounter, and I enjoyed their airway management, including more experience with direct laryngoscopy.

 During my free time, I visited various temples in Kathmandu, went to Nagarkot for a sunrise hike to see the Himalayas, went to Pokhara and got to paraglide, and although my trip was brief, I was able to make-up for a lack of trekking by doing the “mountain flight.”  This was amazing.  Now I journey on, but I am very grateful for my time with the Pandey family, and with anesthesiology at Kathmandu Model hospital.  

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