Best experience ever

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Stephane Chevreul   France
August, 2012


When I arrived in Kathmandu,I have to say that I didn’t really know how it’s gonna be. I came here alone and I was a little bit nervous.
But I quickly realized that this trip will be amazing. I was lucky to be with a really cool Nepalese family, we have a lot of fun together.
Except the pollution, Kathmandu is a beautiful city, lot of thing to see, a city with a soul. People in Nepal are so nice and generous. I didn’t have any problem.
I came here in order to discover another culture, another way of life.
My internship in photo journalism was really interesting. I was a beginner and I learnt a lot of thing about how to take a good picture. We have been to village around Katmandu and the landscape were  wonderful .
One month in Nepal is not enough and I regret not to stay more.
I’ll come back for sure.